Friday, March 04, 2005

Martha has left the building !!!

Thanks Martha ! Thanks for ruining "The most compelling 2 minutes on television" otherwise known as Britt Hume's "Grapevine" segment on his nightly Fox news show. Actually it's Fox's fault.You see Martha, I mean Fox, for those of us who live on the left coast,the nightly rerun of Brits show is all we get to see if we have something resembling a life.I do and that life resides in the activities of one 9 year old buzz-saw named Nicole and her big brother (when he "decloaks" long enough to be seen), my purpose(s) in life. Once the active part of parenting is done, it's nice to plop down in front of the box and watch a smart guy show everyone else how it's done. Even when a "Big Game" is on or the History Channel has something extraordinary, I always make a point of tuning over to Fox at 9:30 PST to get the lowdown on what so few MSMers talk about -you can say that for the whole show actually considering that facts and accurate information are dispensed and discussed there- and low and behold, what do I get to park my eyes on for 10 minutes or so ? The absolutely enthralling sight of Martha Stewarts non-taxiing aeroplane (as if a shot of the thing moving would have made it all worth it).The banter of the "reporters" was gripping and I hung on every word- well actually I cursed their lineage and prayed for "sudden unemployment syndrome" to afflict them- while waiting, hoping that maybe these criminals, these heartless bastards would do the right thing and just push all of their programming back the rest of the night in order to pick-up where they left off with Brit. NINE !!!
Finally, something to hate Fox for.Now I'm "fair and balanced".I haven't watched NBC since their abortion of my beloved Rockets in the finals when O.J. decided to go on his 40 mph slow goodbye to sanity and legitamacy.I won't shut you off, but please get your priorities straight.I don't want to be forced to start exploring other options. Yours fondly,Mark.