Sunday, April 30, 2006

The New "Red Scare", Now With More Blood

Here's a link to an interesting article about the big American witch hunt:Treason of the Clerks / Accused of sedition, a VA nurse beats the rap - David Weigel

Here's my Qs to the author:

Question(s): If our enemies had the same freedoms as us, would they stand a chance ?

Which leads to: Was Lincoln wrong when he said that the Constitution is NOT a suicide pact ?

Finally, in your mind, is there such a thing as treason ?

Make sure to respond carefully now, I DO know the correct answer(s). Please hurry though, I'm having a debate with a murder bomber later. I'm more accurate than him but the current restrictions on free speech and unlawful detainment may put me at a disadvantage.

To the guy what wrote the article: Hey yo, what up yo ?
To the guy responding: Hey, I'm a pretty clever guy....yo ?


Friday, April 14, 2006

Letter to congress

Dear (enter Rep./Senators name here),

I am writing you today as a veteran to ask that you please make a very STRONG statement, with your commitment to support the war on terror AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, to tell the truth of what is happening as the people who are fighting and dying in that war see it. They are being assaulted daily with lies, half truths and omisions in the media and have no voice as they cannot be political even though they are tossed around like footballs by politicians all of the time. These people, these best and brightest that our country has to offer, believe in their mission and if they had the full conviction and support of their fellow countrymen and women starting with those in places of leadership, the enemy would not stand a chance! The country was fully commited to victory during WWII and that is what made us unstoppable against what was relatively speaking, a much bigger threat than what we face now.

Fact is, the enemy is fully commited to OUR total destruction, so it is going to take leaders willing to seperate from conventional party dogma and unite as one,whole nation under God or otherwise and take it to these sadists in the way that only America can. Otherwise, our future is not guaranteed and it would be wrong headed to think that it is if we can't even unite to defeat what amounts to a bunch of insane mass murderers,with a telagraphed game plan.Even if you don't believe in US supremacy, I hope you do understand that we simply cannot be seen as quitters or failures in this endeavor or the times of terror attacks being common here at home lies just ahead.

So please do the right thing and not the political thing Congressman/Senator ------- and you will surely end up as one of the great statespersons in our not so long but hopefully everlasting history.

Sincerely, state your name. For more info on my claims as to the moral and state of mind of the American fighting man & woman in the war on terror please go to, I am sure that they would love to hear from you.


Sunday, April 09, 2006

ILLEGALS: "Borders? We Don't See No Stinking Borders"

Sunday, Dallas Texas

Thousands of people wandered aimlessly in support of the open borders policy that American business, wealthy large acerage owning white people and pretty much ALL of Congress, the Senate AND the Whitehouse are trying to maintain, while still appearing to be tough on border security.

What was scheduled to be a protest originally, turned into a big wet kiss to the powers that be- the U.S. Senate etc.- when they managed to bluff & bluster their way straight to a nice long recess. "This is-a great-a ! A couple-a more of-a these-a protests-a and I'm-a gonna retire" said Josepi, a local puppeteer and renter of port-o-potties. "Man ! I-a tell-a you, I'm-a so-a happy I could-a...well-a,you know-a. I can't-a say-a, because-a Josepi doesn't-a work-a blue".

"I don't see what's the big deal. North America, South America, Central America. It's all America. We should just be able to live wherever we want and let the entitlements fall where they may" said a man from the part of America formerly known as "Central America". "They wanted to imprison me in the Mexico part of America so I 'immigrated' here where I could avoid the whole 'Serve 10 years in a work camp before getting deported back to my homeland' bit." As the man said this,several Federalies jumped from a nearby pancho and 'liberated' him from his obligation to serve time south of here (They 'celebrated' his newfound freedom with large black stalks of what was apparently sugarcane), "Viva Vicente !" the man said as he slipped into his afternoon 'siesta'.

As usual, the crowd dispursed just before the authorities were surely about to launch a barrage of nightsticks and teargas into the inoccent scofflaws. In a related story, several N.Y. City police on horseback practiced riding through crowds. Alledgedly it was in preperation for a potential terror attack but we here at the Times have been leaked a memo which indicates it's all just a plot to eventually stack naked Latin Americans and violate them with toilet plungers.



Iran sent a strong message today through their newly appointed ambassador, Cynthia McKinney. "No mo wacist cwap ! Nope, uh uh ! We ain't gwine a take it no mo ! Whitey, we've had 'nuff of yo cwap and soon you wiw fe'ew da wath a Ala's gweat and fewious powa."

Later, the Terahn sky was blackened with unknown quantities of U.S. military aircraft which was followed by the biggest run on "Depends" undergarments in the nations history. "Oh my Ala, I tell you it's a mess around here man but business is good" said Ali Akbu Quickymart, a local shopkeeper here who was going to change his name to Akbar DeathtoAmerica Muhhammad Farooq Alewishious Expialidoshis until he saw the demonstration of American might. He now wants to be known only as Mike. For her part, Ambassador McKinney covered her face and said, "Ha ha, you can't see me."

In other news, the leaders of both North Korea and Communist China said, "If re pray nice, can re have an air show too?" They then both made on themselves and entered into negotiations for the right to exist here on Earth.

Ms. McKinney was last seen applying for a position as "Horrible Despot" of several 3rd world nations. "Hey, I mean I've got the nerve, I've got the reputation, how hard can it be to hold sway over a few million starving, opressed by white America, unemployed, ethnic cleansing candidates ? It's like I was born for that one. Basically, my former Georgia constituents were the same people in spirit. I just couldn't have them macheted when they started getting uppity. Yep, I'll do good in that capacity."


    Tuesday, April 04, 2006

    Illegal Immigration Blues

    To:Someone with sway in the GOP,
    The phrase or any words to the affect of, "Jobs that Americans won't take" is so insulting, so take the wind out of my voting sails and most importantly, just so wrong that it is driving me to distraction and the President/anyone in the GOP must cease & desist this wholly untrue mantra or I fear you will lose many fence sitters.
    This is a country built on the backs of many hard working LEGAL immigrants and citizens and it is painfully obvious that pandering to the Hispanic vote and the business contribution, is all tied up in a neat little bow in those 5 words. Let me tell you something else it accomplishes, it drives people away from the GOP en masse. If the circles I travel in and talk radio are any indication of the sentiment that those words engender in the base- personally, I flip the dial or hit the mute button and bite my tongue for the expletives that try to leap out- then you must stop it or at least finish the damn sentence, " a wage that has been driven down by an illegal workforce".
    I know the current backbone of the party won't allow for such a statement of truth but it sure would be nice to see us have the kind of unwavering clarity and determination in the face of political correctness that is shown with people like Sec. Rice, John Bolton and our Iraq policy.
    I would gladly roof all day in the California sun if it would pay more than what these illegals have to take. Oh and stop inferring that people are racists and xenophobes if they disagree with a porous border policy. That little tactic does NOT endear you to anyone, including the millions of LEGAL immigrants, many of whom I work with, that don't like seeing their standard of living run down by lawbreakers anymore than I do.
    Do the right thing and not the political thing and you could hold all branches indefinitely.

    Thanks for your time, Mark Ducharme