Sunday, November 26, 2006

c. rangel,a curse be upon you,back to the darkness from whence you came

This "man", this piece of human filth,this "congressman rangel".What a colossal plague on our once great country are these evil evil scum who trade in treason as a way to further their own disgusting ends.This man is a pervert.He most assuredly attempts carnal knowledge with children in public restrooms.He is of the filth that populates the nests of sewer vermin.He is of that vermins droppings.If there exists justice in this country (a country that is now surely on the down side of Gods favor)then the islamo-facist headsmans work not be done but for the liberation of one c. rangels rotting head from his (soon to be recieving of one gigantic,national loogie)waste of a body and insult to all that is decent, not to mention a burden on the supply of oxygen and a blight on the concept of beauty or even the thought of anything that is pleasant to look upon or hear from.

I hate this man.I hate this man because I know that it is wrong to hate and yet, hate him I do.May a curse be upon you c. rangel. May every one person,organization,sponsor,voter,friend and any other individual or group that has NOT since divested itself of,repented for,spat upon the former allegiance to the very name of, this lower life form in a mans clothing, have a pox be set unto them and their families for a time at least as long as but no less than, the time it takes for every single mourning parent,sibling,relative near or distant,friend,partner,business associate,aquaintance or guy they-the personage of an American Fighter- once had a beer with,to recover,come to terms with and find acceptance and comfort in the knowledge that their lost American Fighting Man or Woman is in a better place and they (those who mourn) can once again join in existence with the light of heart. This curse,may it be sown on to your soul but for "Mr." rangels remaining life experience here on Earth, be spent as a truly hopeless sinner,begging all the world to forgive him for the hate,the utter destructive force,the disgusting volume of anti-life that has been his chosen purpose up until the moment of his ultimate plea to be forgiven by all whom he has forsaken and sought to harm.

If he was in fact given life by our Creator and not, as would appear to be the case,by the lord of the dark who lurks beneath (from this,the serene suface of life, full of hope for salvation), waiting to spring upon us with an apparent mortal, a betrayer to his own, a true 'friend to no one', molester of all that is touched by his foul apparition on this blessed land, then there may be hope for him yet, because our God is a most merciful God.

But, you should not but hope for your self as would a wretch America,for it is actions taken, and that alone which may yet save us, but no less.The devil is lighted upon us and we will roast accept for our own decisions siezed. Them that says,"No,I will take no part in my own destruction.I seek the hand of my Savior, and He is neither a fool, nor be He of spirit to trifle with such as that."

Ask not from whom the truth is required, an option we do not possess, as every soul left lasting, which is to be the eventually saved, will work to stop the visage of this teller of all things most foul.Liar to all, of all.Truly,evil will prevail lest good men strike out to oppose it. God help us all to summon, and likewise maintain, the fortitude Americas sons themselves now represent, as a living display for all to sample, and gain the needed supply of inspiration from, so as to carry on the fight of the righteous, at home as it is performed by them that serve abroad. Would that we could be so great as that.


In Response to Hugh Hewitts "Killer Myths of the Appeasement Media"

Here's the link to Hughs post: 'The Killer Myths of the Appeasement Media'

A lie is ? A lie. A liar is? A liar. Treason is? Treason.

There was a column a while back (that everyone from Rush to HH and back again cited)which laid out the whole chronology of lies from when EVERYONE, Clinton to every major fishwrap in the country, talked about Iraqs WMDs as common knowledge and just a few years later,literally all of those same LIARS were calling our President a liar non stop.

There is more than one front in WWIII. The American liars must be confronted and called for what they are.That is rarely done.To lie is not to merely disagree.It is lying.That is much different.Until we(Especially heavywheights like Hugh and hopefully very soon, an actual leader)are willing to identify the enemy,we will continue to be at a disadvantage. It can be acceptable to side with someone who disagrees with a national policy, but most Americans will NOT side with liars.

These people -the MSM,libs in government- know the same things as the people they slander, so, they are betraying their country or we are.America is at war and the only arguements a sane nation has in time of war is how best to be victorious.And even then, IT IS NOT DONE IN PUBLIC,ie:To the betterment of our enemies effort.

Hugh Hewitt,I implore you,legal deffinitions be damned,call these people out when they betray us.They are betraying the ones spilling their blood everyday. And they are not getting justice for it. This is wrong! It will not stand accept that our country is no longer blessed by a merciful but just God.


Don't Let the "L.A.M.B." Lead U.S. to Slaughter

This is a post I put up on in Oct.

cnns' wolf blitzer, when defending his networks airing of SOLICITED terrorist propoganda/recruiting films, told Lynn Cheney words to the affect, "We have to show the news,even when the news is not so good". Well wolf, does that include reporting news that's not so good for the enemy ? Like, "Now there's 6,000 more Iraqis in peril because a U.S. serviceman was just gunned down by an illegal enemy combatant who was hiding behind a baby carriage and the Marine refused to fire back in self defense." Of course not. That's the point in a nutshell. The news that's "not so good" for U.S. servicemen is ALL that's shown except for the news that IS good for the killers. Now I see. It all averages out -50/50.

I know the coverage won't change. Hell, the culture of Liberal Activist Media Bias, or L.A.M.B. as I call it, won't even publish a humorous little photo of our side having some innocent (and poignant) fun with a pompous twit. But that doesn't mean we have to pay attention to it. It corrupts, it pollutes, it weakens morale resolve to the point where I here people who should know better, repeating the doomsayers talking points and agreeing with their predictions of things that might as well've already happened, even when they know that it's bad info (polls based on undersampling of republicans) that's put out by the L.A.M.B.s laughterhouse to try and affect the desired result that they previously predicted all wrong. Look, their views won in Viet Nam when they secured defeat, leaving thousands of young servicemens' records stained unjustly forever and they have been working ever since to wreak the same kind of havoc on their enemies -the defenders of liberty and capitalism. I say don't let them get away with it. Keep reading the blogs, find your news elsewhere than the L.A.M.B. machine and formulate your own conclusions from those facts without interference from "tragedy tv" as Laura Ingraham so accurately calls it. Won't it be great to see with your own eyes, the total and utter destruction of the networks and newspapers that have for so long been hostile to all that is good, decent and traditional in this country ? They got this way because once upon a time it was needed to expose the injustices that were happening to many in this country. The only problem is, the country has gotten much better while they have seen it to be continuing along a path towards fascism or whatever else their twisted logic sees. Of course they do this while ignoring TRUE crimes and attrocities like voter registration tampering by "a.c.o.r.n.", Castros' mass slaughter/imprisonment of his own people, the state of Massconfusion continuing to re-elect the Ill-legal firm of, frank,kennedy unt kerry etc. No my sympathetic ones, they will never change, so our only hope is to ignore them out of existence. Stop quoting the ny times for crying out loud ! It validates the rest of their tripe in the minds of so many. I believe that the right has a fully selfsustainable network of information with which to keep itself accurately informed. Don't use them except when making an accusation of treason or slander against our side. Americas' side. Isn't knowing that that's not their side enough not to pay them attention anymore ? Either slaughter the "L.A.M.B." with a new and improved "House Un-American Activities" commitee (right, like that will ever happen) or just shame them whenever we can and ingore them for the rest of the time.For what it's worth, I'm for the terrorists being just the start of the
suspencion of the writ of habeas corpus.2spot


Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy "Day Just Like Any Other" America !

This post is based on an answer to Dennis Pragers question,"Who would you save,a loved pet or a stranger"(paraphrase) as answered by someone I can't seem to link here.

A word to my secularist bretheren:Let me get this straight.You believe this life is it.So, your values are based on the here and now,not some esoteric concept like "as a secularist, I have to honor life above all else (naturally I don't believe in an afterlife)" when saying why you would chose the stranger over the pet.Excuse me but you just said, "I have to honor life".Your cat is a life.It's "accidental chemical makeup" is just different from yours and the strangers.They're both going to be dust in the end so what's the real difference besides your love of kitty? You say,"The stranger has the same 'awareness' as me". So what ? Are you aware that he slashed your tires in the parking lot ? How do you know what awareness a domesticated animal has anyway? And what if that cat held the DNA link in the chain leading to, a brave new world without wars led by, King Fluffy? If we are all just at the current end of the "primordial ooz's" accidentally launched experiment, some billions of years past, who are you to say who lives according to your perception of their inate superiority to other life forms? God? Save the cat or be a lousy -and not just a little inconsistent- secularist.

Your life is based on tangible, "proveable","facts".I mean, what if the stranger is a murderer? You're telling me that you would let your loyal,loveable (well,loveable) pet die so you could save a killer who is just going to end up as part of the same mud in some puddle of the future ? I'm afraid you miss Pragers point and even a hint of what it implies.You are endowed with a spark of the devine.The killer is too.You don't give up on that.Even when you pull the lever on the trap door at the gallows,you say a little prayer for the poor bugger.

Sorry to go all Freudian on ya now bub, but I see the same tendencies and traits apparent in most Athiests in you (minus most of the hate,that's why there's still hope for you) . You've been betrayed by the world, not God. He didn't turn his back on you, His creation has just fallen from grace and served as a poor pr firm for Him. Go for the stranger because he IS you.He's me.He's created in His likeness. The pet is loveable but there is no salvation for it.You know it.Your common sense knows it.You've just lost touch with your common sense.You've lost touch with Him.Maybe you never had it. Maybe you were just mouthing the words and now you have "realized" mans lone existence and experience here on the former "Paradise Gardens Inn and Suites". How can you, scientifically or otherwise, look at the treasures of your Creators' doing all around you, whether it be standing alone in the wilderness or watching children at play or the unbelievable acts of courage and true giving The American Fighting Man does every day or "miracles" of medicine or the World Trade Center Towers before they were destroyed by true evil and come to the conclusion that it's all just some big cosmic accident ? Come on,even Einstein said "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge,but imagination",I think. Even if he didn't, it's true. The country needs intellects like yours.It also needs enough imagination to hear our Creator when He's talking to us. Shh.You can hear Him everywhere.I know He's the force behind the bounty before me on this fine Thanksgiving Day. Happy Thanksgiving all of you SecCon buddies and buddettes ! And common sense to all, and to all a good night. Oops,wrong holiday.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Victory Through Concession and the "It's All About Me" Principle

This was my big push to stop the "cut and run conservatives". I think the results speak for themselves.

Regarding folks that will only vote for "principled" conservatives or not at all, wasn't the "Me generation" back in the '70s ? We all understand.You want to matter. Every time you vote for an apparent conservative he changes as soon as he gets into office, leaving you as an inaffectual little nobody, holding the bag for an RNC tool or whatever you've taken to calling them these days. That does sting and don't think that you're the only one to feel that knife sliding into your back. But, the cold hard fact of the matter is, "creeping socialism" is what we live under in this country and short of another Revolution or at least a coup, it's going to take a very persistent, patient,piece by piece,lethargic,painstaking,slow but sure,move by incremental move, (well, you get the picture) kind of an effort to reverse what took decades to create. Remember "The New Deal" ? I know, no one does.They've come a long way baby. Now it's our turn.

So far, we've had "The Contract With America" -called "The Contract ON America" by the lapdog media in lockstep with their allys in congress - which resulted in a dem President signing welfare reform (I know I know, after vetos galore). I think there were 9 other aspects of the "contract", with some of them being worked on, while others fell by the wayside. That's politics. You shoot for the moon. You settle for a telescope with which to get a clearer view of it. But (again with the buts), some years later we've had 2 (THAT"S TWO !) conservative SCOTUS appointees successfully navigate their way on to the court. There's been enough tax cuts to turn the whole economy around AFTER the tech bubble burst AND the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. There's been an aggressive assault on the worldwide terror machine (If you don't believe me, the details of virtually every classified move are published in the NY Times on a regular basis). Also, we've gotten the "al qeda bill of rights" passed. John Bolton has languished without benefit of an up and down vote, along with numerous appeals courts judges (thank you King Squishy, ie: Sen. Frist) for years. And here's one issue that has GOP heroes AND goats. Border security. Pres. Bush would give amnesty to millions, but the GOP dominated congress stopped him. And those are just a few of the examples that go right, left and middle.

So what does the above indicate ? You don't get everything you want. The operative word here being YOU. If 1994 never happened, do you think any of the good stuff above would ever have happened ? (This is where I get to the point.) It's not just that you are one of them, " the glass is half empty", kinda people. No, it's a little more complicated. You must make an impact. Being heard is not enough. Your action/choice not to act must be the most important thing, because now they will bow down to you. Forever more, they will make sure you are happy before they act. The tables will turn. Once, you voted and hoped. Now, they will act according to your wishes or suffer the "conseplexes" (noun : a conclusion derived from ticking off ones principled -if not a little in need of therapy- constituents). And there's the rub. The "movement" isn't about the party getting what it can and surviving to fight another day for the next little piece of the puzzle, it's about your hurt feelings. Just listen to yourselves, "They're just a bunch of 'countryclub Republicans' !" "Ya! Stoopid RiNOs ! They won't even poor tons of money into California to try and beat an entrenched, virtually lifetime appointed, been in office since the Earth cooled dem ! What a buncha' posers dude !!!" You're the only people I know who say, "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain", that aren't being facetious.

Now for the analogy part of the blog. I work for a living. I drive to work. I like it when there's "holiday traffic" and I get to work real fast. That rarely if ever happens. To make sure that I do get to work fast, I don't drive 100 miles per hour. Neither do I respond to the fact that I can't have my way with the traffic by effectively saying, "Well fine then, I'll just go 20 mph below the speed limit ! Or forget that, I'll just stay home." The traffic will notice my absence about as much as the politicians will. They're both happy I'm gone, but for the most part, life goes on either way. Accepting for a few things. The backstabber at my shop will get promoted over me in the short run and, I will be working longer and harder to make up for lost time doing what I should've been doing all along, which is, dealing with the traffic and doing the best that I can to be a productive part of the shop. Also, nobody will carpool with me now (after that 100 mph thing) making the "gridlock" a little worse.

Or, to put it another analogy way. To take your vote and stay home as a way of "saying something" is tantamount to telling the candidates for sheriff in your town "Neither one of you does a good job at fighting crime, so to hell with it ! I'm just gonna dig a deeper basement and buy more canned goods !" What !?! Come again? Me thinks those politicians are lickin' their chops to not have to worry about winning one more vote. Believe me folks, a narrower electorate does not translate into MORE responsive "gub'ment". It makes for the opposite. And you in turn, will get that much more obstinate in your opposition to it. Brilliant. I'm sure Perot or Anderson will be by real soon to save us all from the Rinos.

It is intellectually dishonest, not to mention irresponsible, to NOT do something as an act of political disssidence. It is also the height of "meism" for lack of a better term, and plays right into the hands of those who are participating in "The Politics of National Destruction", (PND), which includes everyone from the lapdog media, to leftwing politicians,to the terrorists themselves(Yes,they play American politics too.What, you don't think they care who wins the elections? Please...) That last one is the one that gets me. You see, much like many of you, I am a veteran. I love the American Fighting Man. I love him. I also love him when he's a her.
Next to God, there is NO other force known to mankind responsible for the liberation of SO MANY human souls, and -in terms of current America- for the carefree lifestyle of so many people who don't have a clue as to how good they've got it, than those men and women. I repeat. I love them. I am alive because of them. You are free and able to discuss the impact of your silly little "actus-notdoneus" of grave importance, with all of your other screaming ME MEs because of them but mister, you pull the plug on those virtuous ones and you better never run into me without benefit of some sort of protective gear, because you will have blown it.And our blood enemies will know it, and they will be that much more encouraged to do harm to the people that serve as the only real buffer between us and an appointment with absolute destruction.

The American Fighting Man refuses to quit, and I refuse to let him die in vain.
If you know what's good for your country, neither will you. Now get out there and vote dammit. And vote to say, "Yes, I support you. I appreciate you. I am with you as you spill your blood in the mission that you believe in, as only a fighting patriot can."

Thank you and God Bless this great country, those who serve it in the armed forces and those who support him. And God help us all, if we are truly the minority in the "Land of the Free, Because of the Brave"
2spot, over and out


Saturday, November 04, 2006

The REAL Cost, of Every Soldier Lost

As one who is deeply offended by the constant,and completely void of any context, tallying of dead U.S. servicemen I would just like to make a plea to any sane news organization out there that might not be invested in Americas' defeat or at least wouldn't mind actually seeing "us" win.
Someone. Anyone.Please consider this formula I have devised to estimate the actual loss sustained to the world every time we lose one of "ours"( I like to call them ours because it obviously so deeply offends cnn-jazeera and their affilliates, dncbs, the new york crimes etc.). : 27 million folk live in Iraq / Most polls I see indicate that about 2 thirds (minimum), of the Iraqi citizenry, support the U.S. militarys' presence until they can defend themselves / That makes it about 18 million we are defending, who want to be defended (in THE most conservative estimate possible that is - I think the kids are with us about 90% -with a to speak) / Now, if you take those 18 million and divide them by the current total of Marines, Soldiers, Airmen and Squids that have given their lives in defense of "The Grateful 18 mil" lets call them, you can then establish an actual value to that serviceman or womans life. I see it at about 6,000 of "The Greatful 18 mil" to each one of our fallen heroes. Of course there is no value that can comfort the broken hearts of so many families that will go on without a son or daughter or grow up without a dad or mom or live the rest of their lives without one more hug, phone call or special moment that only their lost brother, sister or friend could provide and had provided for all of their all too short lives.

Would it really be so much to ask that an anchor put some actual context into the number(s) that they so happily report, as if they are beating us over our heads with,the next dead young Americans' body so as to make us all cry out "STOP ! I don't want another Viet Nam. Let's just quit. There's nothing good happening there anyway."They're not numbers. They're not standing targets for the killers. They are doing great works and they believe in the Presidents mission. It's their mission. To say that their mission is a complete and total failure is to suggest that john kerry was right when he said that they are too stupid to know what's best for themselves or the country.

I know it's not easy for most people to pay attention when there's so much "fun stuff" and responsibilities to take care of, but I just refuse to believe that America, that my America, will go along and do as the elites want us to do and give up on the only people left that can save us. That can save the world. That have already saved the world from itself time after time in the last 100 years and before that, saved the union herself from destruction.

When Lynn Cheney asked the cnn stooge if he wanted "us" to win, I was half expecting him to say, "It depends on what we decide the meaning of the word 'us' is to us ." You're not one of 'us' wolf. At least I wouldn't want you or yours anywhere near me in a firefight. I used to say "To hell with them! America can win anyway." I know America can't win without that man or woman who's keeping his or her 6,000 civilians safer, but I am no longer sure that America will win with the L.A.M.B. slaughterhouse working to defeat her all of the way.