Wednesday, January 24, 2007



"Wanted - Dead or Alive - You!" Well actually,"they" want you dead and dead only. Who's this "they" I speak of you ask? I know you know one of them. That's right. And the other? No it's not the GOP ya thilly! Okay okay, I'll lay my cards on the a minute.

Who makes statements, for an affect that is accomplished mind you, that are indistinguishable from those made by certain donkey riding purveyors of mass murder? You got it,the DNC and their wholly owned subsidiary: The awful office holders of Voinovich,Hagel,Campbell and Smith to name four. Say what? You wish your hard drive was equipped with a vomit port too? Yeah I know how you feel.(Could there be a large enough, industrial sized tampoon in existence,to mop up the mess that's between these guys legs ?)

The afforementioned foursome are riding a donkey of a different sort than the one that the wonderful Mr. "Been Rotten", as my kid calls him, proudly plasters his bony but on for the occasional photo-op. Still though, I think he'd be in trouble were he to get between a camera and Chucky Schumer. But, I digress. The issue at hand: The United States Senate, with full cooperation from several GOPsters who know better, is about to send the killers of your national boddyguards a big ol' wet, sloppy kiss in the form of a nonbinding resolution (Quick! Name for me the great "nonbinding resolutions" in American history...okay, I'll check back when you deglaze your eyes...Bonus Q:Name the authors of these great documentations of the inner workings of the W.U.S.S.Y. "intelect").

Yep, that's right, you heard right, the secret words for tonight are 'cowardice' and 'obfuscate'. When they are exposed as resembling the first secret word, they simply resort to the second. Well I've got a question for 'em: You folks say that you want what's best for the country. That you only want what's best for the American Fighting Man and his mission and because of that,when you see imperfection in the administrations war plan, you must interject and see to it that these wrongs are righted so that the most noblest of American intentions will be backed by the most effective of her actions, right? No perfection, no endorsement. Not by you anyway. And to bring it all home, a nice little 'resalucian, de nun biendeigh'.

Beautiful! The question? I guess this means that from now on, whenever you principaled,willing to shove a knife in the backs of our best (Even though, that is what their new General is telling you what your actions amout to), won't commit to anything until it's perfect types, have a bill before you that is laden with pork and all kinds of anti-constitutional crimes against the electorate, you'll not only refuse to sign it but you will go the extra mile and make a resolution condeming it in the most public and selfrighteous manner possible, right ?

That's what I thought. Now put your hypocritical tale back between your legs where it belongs and get behind the mission. Okay?

Sign the pledge people. For yours. For mine. For those bleeding for yours and mine.How can He keep looking the other way as we insist on not honoring his gift with a healthy desire to survive.
It's not much, but maybe it'll halp.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Calling all Patriots: Name the Enemy - And Defeat him

This is my response to this post by Nathan Tabor

Godless traitors.

That is who the enemy within is, the most deadly enemy that America faces, and they will destroy us all, eventually, if they are not SHAMED into oblivion.

Why embrionic stem cell research even though it shows no promise ? Mr. Tabor has it half right with the money angle but the other side,the dark side,is that it blurs the morality of abortion.

They already know that people are starting to realize that babies are little hes' and shes' because of the advancement of ultrasound technology and they need a way to "prove" that we must keep the option of killing the little "unviable tissue masses" for the sake of little Timmys' leukemia,or Granpas altzhimers,or M.J.Foxs' Parkinsons,or YOUR skin cancer.That is manipulative on a level of evil intent in my opinion.

Why go around screaming that the American Fighting Man is impudent ? That he is a halpless tool of the "Military industrial complex" who is to be pitied, not honored ?Because these are the same people who run the school,but still fear and acquiess to the bullies at the expense of the well behaved.Even going so far as to punish kids for defending themselves.Why? They are instinctive cowards,that's why.

Who WANTS to face the reality of what can happen to us if we don't do the difficult thing now ? It takes a strong person to do that and just as Mr. Tabor says,"take action now",there are great Americans,ordinary Americans achieving extraordinary feats of courage and substance,who have been taking action since this country was founded. And now they need us more than ever.

If you can't join them,join their cause.If your not with them in spirit yet,think about it,get yourself fired up.


America,it is your duty,do whatever you can,no matter how small.Even if it's just putting a flag on your car,let that be the springboard to something more.Write your congressman, go to or ,confront those who display obscenity in your neighborhood,tell the inconsiderate creep with the porno-rap blasting from his/her car at the gas station to TURN THAT CRAP OFF! Don't take it anymore.

It's the least we can do to honor those that bleed every day- for our right to be spoiled, inconsiderate,dopes - to be something more.

Be proud again America! You come from the greatest lineage ever! The one that brought freedom to half the world and inspired the other half to attain its promise.

Unsung men drenched in sweat and blood have secured that freedom for you one sandy little island in the Pacific and broad meadow in Virginia and foresaken bit of nothing in a land you never heard of at a time. So it is incumbent upon us now, to return that favor.In spades.

God bless all of you sleeping patriots out there.God bless the ones awake and laboring away for freedom. God bless the sentries at the gate.God bless our President,George Bush, and all he commands.And God bless,and keep true and brave,this great country called America, and all of her allies, in the great fight against evil that will never end, but for her destruction.


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Kill the Babies - Save the Green cards

Congress to Immigrants: Abortion your ticket

AP: Sources in the new democrat led congress confirmed today that Speaker Pelosi has authored a new plank of their immigration policy which will include what is already being coined as, "The anchor abortion amendment".

CB (congressional bill) "we-b-4-86n-TJ-bay-Bs", has not been finalized as of this printing but Speaker Pelosi,according to the sources,has already conferred with republican leadership and she has been assured that the bill will get the necessary votes to become law.

Included in the bill is an unprecedented incentive for any undocumented immigrant female to abort her fetus: Instant Citizenship. The source quotes Ms. Pelosi as saying that any female,of any age,"Who is brave enough and bold enough to achieve true American womanhood through this courageous act of choice, is welcome to live as long as she wants in my America."

The vote on this initiative is expected to take place after midnight sometime this coming week, right after congress puts the finishing touches on the "Immigrant Pedophiles are Noble and Brave Persons" resolution, that has been stalled ever since they started work on how to defund the current acts of American terrorism going on in Iraq,Afghanistan and points unknown.

Contributors: J.Carvele / M.Moore / Jamil H./ J. Goebbels


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's Official: America at War with Iran & Syria

It's Official: America at War with Iran/Syria

This post by BLACKFIVE points out a significant quote by W that clearly indicates we are at the end of our "turn the other cheek" rope,with Iran and Syria, to mix a metaphor or two. The democrats want George Bush to lose. The American Fighting Man wants America to win. Which side do you fall on ?

I watched,on Fox after the speech, dems like Turbin is a d*ick and Tom Vil What a Sack continue to advocate for the modern version of Viet Nam, that would lead to a similar series of mass murders, that the pullout from that winnable war led to. America,led by Teddy the snorkler Kennedy, deserted the Viet Namese people and the American Fighting Man 30+ tears ago and George Bush,God bless him, does not want to be the leader of this country during another such act of shame.

He is wrong on many things, but on this one, George Bush is right. We must win. Think about it: Those opposed to this "escalation" are saying that America cannot win. America cannot win ? Think about that. The greatest nation on earth,now and forever,is incapable of beating a bunch of mass murdering savages who hide behind women and children. He said it right, get ready for a long bloody slog but, America can,and, with our support,will, win this absolutely necessary campaign to rid a huge chunk of the mideast, a region of a thousand years of hate and killing, of the number one proponents of that hate and killing and start an unprecidented era of freedom,prosperity and alliance with the west which will result in a better world for our children and grandchildren.

Don't do it America. Don't buy into the party of defeats' line of hopelessness and mediocrity.There is nothing that America can't do, and with even 50% of us rooting on our bravest and best,she will again stand as the greatest force for liberty,strength and honor that the world once knew and the evil feared and hated,right up until their destiny if necessary. It is now necessary.

Aren't you tired of us being relegated to being the pawns of the thugs who rule the U.N. ? I know we won't leave that body of dictators and form our own "United Democracies",but maybe,just maybe,if we act like the great nation that is our true lineage, the U.N. will cave from its own weight some day and, starting with this action, all the promoters of "America the guilty" will finally be forced to at least shut up (No,Ted Kennedy and his traitorous klan will never admit that America can and should be the example of liberty and success for all others to forget it.)

Call your representative(s).Email them. Encourage your President. Show those great few, who with full understanding that only a warrior can comprehend, that you are with them, and you will never turn your back on them. Because they do the work that God cannot do. His job was finished when He created them.Now it is time for us to let them do it.


In a Death Match,The Committed Always Prevail

I've been yelling for a long time that when people like John F'n kerry -who do things that would make the rest of us seek our own death in shame for having done them- do these(as informed as,if not more so,than the rest of us) acts in support of the enemy,that they are clearly being traitorous. But if no one of any status actually states it in those terms,why would they stop? No stigma = no motive to correct the behavior = a further emboldened enemy incurring ever increasing death and mayhem on the American Fighting Man and countless innocents.

It is not necessary to know that you could convict someone of treason if you are making the case,that they are exibiting all of its traits,for the purpose of stifling their destructive behavior.If it is true,and it is most obviously true,that, "In the realm of practical effect, Kerry has given aid and comfort to his nation's foes",then the act of applying pressure to shut such a person up is in fact great patriotism,and deserving of applause and encouragement.

If the definition of insanity is "The repeated application of failed principles,and expecting success anyway",then why should our side,the side that is serious about dealing with islamo-fascism,continue to treat those giving "aid and comfort to this nations foes" as though they are solid patriots who only want the best,when we know they will use our lack of clearly defined condemnation as license to continue in their destructive behavior that could very easily lead to our total destruction?

These are deadly dangerous times that we live in and our enemies,both foriegn and domestic,are demonstrating greater boldness in getting what they want than we,their alleged opposition, are.We have the greatest military that has ever existed,and that military deserves better than what they get from "their side" when they are defamed because,the fact is,in the eyes of too many,the defamers and liars are winning the propoganda war,which is one war the military can do virtually no fighting in.

If the American public,led by the great thinkers and pundits of the day,gets fired up and P'd off at the realization that they have been lied to about the virtue of their own American Fighting Man and the righteousness of his mission,then it will be far more likely that a vote conscious politician will get up enough nerve to insist that America take it to ALL of her enemies,for the sake of her very survival.

Anything less and we are just biding our time until the day when the "aiders and comforters" have incorporated enough appeasement into the political system,to allow for "The Big One" to hit us,which would be akin to NOT having used every resource at our disposal,ie:The A-Bomb,to end the war in the Pacific. Something that most rational people realize saved Japan and the U.S. from even greater death and destruction.

My fellow lovers of freedom, all I am suggesting is that we "go nuclear" on the collaborators before they bring their own brand of negotiated destruction to the,ever expanding as time goes by,masses of people who always get it when leaders don't lead,and thinkers don't act to compel them to.the above is my response to this post by Josh Trevino at